Godiva Gems

Godiva has given a twist to some of their classics with the introduction of their new Gems line. They've taken they're soft dark and milk chocolate caramels, milk and dark truffles and milk and dark solids and reshaped them into bite-sized and individually wrapped jewelry-shaped pieces that are not only as delicious as they're bigger versions, they're also affordable. A $15 pack of Gems will give you 22 pieces (32 if you're buying solids). And for those of you counting calories, you should know that they're the perfect little temptations (at only 230 Calories per 9 pieces = about 25 calories per gem. It's up to you to be disciplined...)

Finally a solution for those dinner parties, game night (or movie night) or just to drop some in your bag. At some Godiva Boutiques, you can even buy them individually.

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